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A Look Into The Future Of Demands For Electrical Technicians

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Although electricians are in their own industry, one of the things that is highly desirable for skilled individuals in this area is that the variety of job environments also increases the growth of the occupations.  While many people do work as professionals with residential clients and commercial operations, electricians also serve as adjunct and maintenance in many other settings.  This can include:

  • Construction, both new and renovations
  • Municipal services, including power line maintenance
  • Plant maintenance for power production
  • Consultations with engineers and other construction professionals for large scale projects

The result is that this opens new realms of opportunities in both the private and public sectors.

The Changing Times

A large reason that the demand for trained and knowledgeable electricians is increasing is also due to the rise in reliance upon technology.  As a result, the current social temperature calls for electricians to attend to root causes for optimizing productivity, in life and in business.  This also means that functioning without power is simply not an option for most individuals in the population. As a result of this increased use of electrical equipment in all facets of life, a job as an electrician not only provides stability, but can also ensure upwards growth.  The Bureau of Labor and Statistics indicates that in 2012, over half a million people in the nation were employed as electricians, and this number continues to increase.  Along with a strong work force that still provides many opening, the ten year projected forecast for the industry indicates over a 20% growth rate, which is far higher than average.

Translating The Data

Regardless of whether a person is considering exploring becoming an electrician, or whether they are established in the trade, the future outlook is still positive.  As both entry levels and established openings and expansion are plentiful, this also gives people considering the trade a good career path to begin establishing. At present, wages do vary, with apprentices often being able to make as much as $15 per hour, while also learning their trade.  Entry level for licensed electricians is closer to $20, with wage increases occurring based on:

  • Knowledge
  • Certifications and continuing education
  • Experience
  • Industry based determinants (ie. working for municipal power companies)

This is not only positive in the present tense, but indicators also show that a minimum of 5% in wage increases will also likely occur over the next decade.  All of this illuminates a very beneficial outlook for both new and experienced electricians.     

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