Yearly Membership

Membership Benefits

  1. Trade Aids is not just a website. We're your advocate. Its like having someone in your department dedicated to searching for the things you need and want in your Lab classes.

  2. We are only a phone call away when you need help. This is a mission and a passion of ours. We are here to work for you if your Donation Needed posting does not get what you want with in a reasonable time.

  3. With only one or two tools or a piece of equipment donated instead of purchased, this site has paid for itself. Keep in mind please that we are in the business of helping when materials cant be acquired fast enough because of the logistics of administrative paperwork and for schools that dont have the budget. NOT for getting things free for those who have the budget and time.

  4. Annual membership is one price for all of the Trades departments at your school. Whether you teach one Trade or five, the membership price is the same. Our mission is to help ALL of your Trades departments.

Bring us on board for the price of just one new tool



Duration: 1 year
Price: $279.00